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Vu 100%

Below are the 24 most recent journal entries.


  2007.09.27  16.56
30 DAYS OF NIGHT Movie Trailer

I want to see this O_O


  2007.09.27  07.35
Roméo et Juliette (even in death)

Is this a french Romeo x Juliet musical? O_O


  2007.09.24  12.08
It's Me!!


  2007.09.17  20.25
James Brown & Pavarotti

Hell yes..lmy mum found this duet with the godfather of Soul and the godfather of opera...RIP to the best voices blended so wonderfully together!


  2007.09.16  09.17
Lois Lane: Intrepid Reporter



  2007.09.12  00.31
Roswell - Was It A Dream? (Song by 30 Seconds To Mars)

One of my fave series of all time...ROSWELL ^^

The books were good too.


  2007.09.11  07.56
The Beatles - Tell Me Why, If I Fell,I Should Have Known Bet


  2007.09.09  00.07
mary hopkin - those were the days-68

My mum went to school with her..haha...posting day for oldies I think, Bear with me ^^


  2007.09.08  21.43
The Impressions

My fave song by the Impressions. My parents used to sing this to me when I was a baby. :P


  2007.09.08  21.41
The Impressions Its All Right

My favorite MoTown group EVAH! ^^


  2007.09.02  11.42
(RARE) The Temptations Vs The Four Tops (live Motown)


  2007.03.29  20.28

Well My Uncle Gordon died on Monday and I just found out by mum today. I want to go to Scotland for the funeral but Mai is in school and I am angry and sad and depressed and.....blah and distracting myself isn't helping!

Mood: blah

  2006.06.14  17.52
To my fave guy..


Everyone please go to gohanvox and wish him a happy birthday! Kyle is da shitz! ^^


  2006.06.12  21.14
Sorry Mikey..

I keep forgetting to update this LJ as well as my other one.

Back from A-KON

Had alot of fun and I need to type up a big report. I met alot of anime diretors that work at FUNI and a few at Cali. I already knew Jonathan Klein from New Gen and he came up to me in the dealers room and started chatting away. I ran into Kevin Connely in the dealers room. I really need to make time to catch his show. I also had a nice chat with a few other cool peeps and saw Talisen again. He is always nice and I got his e-mail address. ^^

Kylie is flying in for a game and will be going to Superman with us! Whoop! ^^

Steve--I miss you! We need to have a visit outside of a con. We didn't get to spend enough time with each other.

I wish my Memphis peeps would come visit. I miss Yoko, John John, P-chan, Kate (OCTOBER BABY!), Kris (ryouko) *Andy is grounded so :P* , Mike and others. Maybe animefest we can meet up?


  2006.05.08  20.45
Final Fantasy 13.....wow






  2006.02.08  11.01



  2006.01.17  20.19

LJ Friends Cleaning completed! Mwahaha

Anyway, I will update under the usual lock later!



  2006.01.17  00.50

Just doing a bit of LJ friends cleaning. I like to have people I am actually friends (online counts) with on this, so if you think you were removed in error than please let me know.


  2005.12.15  22.57

Happy Birthday starchild78


  2005.12.02  09.57
My only public entry for the year...

Since people are ignorant about my life (and seem to "still" have to chat about me in iparty).


That is in response to me "supposedly" being friends with Kyle and working at FUNI! Which technically is none of the "VAA Idiots" who started this sh%t (once again) business in the first place!!!!

For future reference please mind your own business if you are not behind the "friends only" cut! You only make yourself look dumber than we already know you are!


Mood: annoyed

  2005.12.02  04.13

Had fun with Treg in Skype earlier last night. Then Flarey and Nick! Aroound 1:45am Kyle came in and we had a blast chatting about rabdom stuff.

Something that amazes me is the ignorance of some people. The latest rumor is that I am not really friends with Kyle and I am not on contract at FUNImation.

It is funny that people seem to think they know more about your life than you do!


  2005.09.21  17.54
Waiting at FUNi right now...



  2005.07.23  22.51

This is I-chan posting in place of Maria--those of you who are hounding her for the dub clip, it'll have to wait a bit. She's feeling so horrible, she might have a seizure if she so much as looks at this monitor again tonight, and she HAS tried.

Don't worry too much, I'll take care of her. The clip will be done when it gets done.


  2005.04.21  21.47
Friends Only!

This actually means friends too! I am not changing LJ's again so if you are here to cause drama don't even bother!

Thanks again ryouko for the banner!

If you want to be added commento on this post onegaishimasu!



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